A few daily habits to help make you more successful include writing down little tasks in the morning, start the day with a good sweat, use a checklist, and being a lifelong learner every day.

High achievers and A players just seem to be on their game all the time. The rest of us just can’t keep up with their level of organization and schedule management. But if you’ve been feeling like your schedule is running you instead of the other way around, there is plenty of information out there on how you can regain control. Here’s how a few daily habits that are regularly in use by the top performers of the world can turn your life around and make you more successful.

Make a List and Check it Twice

It doesn’t matter if you use a digital app or an old fashioned piece of paper and pen; write down your task list each day. High achievers say they do it first thing in the morning as a kind of meditation on their goals for the day. Making a list and mapping your day in time increments can be helpful to keep you as productive as possible. You can also write down overarching goals for the day and even the smallest of tasks that lead to higher production and better efficiency. The top producers do it, and they say that they feel more in control and better prepared to hit the ground running every day.

Start the Day with a Workout

Top producers also say they come out on top because they start their day by sweating it out. They say it makes them more positive and better able to handle any stress they experience throughout the day. A good workout puts you back in control and sets the right tone, giving you confidence and mental clarity to take on the daily challenges you may be confronted with.

Try to Learn Something New Every Day

The world is full of leaders that say they make an effort every day to learn something new. The process of lifelong learning that ultimately can make people excel in their job, learn new skills, and forge ahead in life and their careers. Try taking your lunch to read a how-to book or use your commute to pick up a new skill. This focus on improving your self will add to your confidence and may even lead someday to new or better job prospects.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of staying focused on one thing at a time. It’s a way to live and enjoy each moment as it occurs instead of focusing on the worries about tomorrow. Mindfulness is a form of caring for yourself that takes practice but the rewards are highly worth it. To start, try practicing mindfulness two or three ties a day by focusing inward on your breath going in and out. Be aware of how your body feels in that moment. Then take time to reflect on your daily task list and where you are in your effort to tackle tasks in a more methodical and precise way.

Sometimes the best way to move forward and become a more productive worker is to start with a move to a new job. Achieving a fresh start in a new role is like hitting the restart button on your computer. You can use the new position as a launching point for a new, more centered and effective life. IES can help you jump start your career. Contact us to find out more.

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