It may be time to change jobs if you dread going to work, you’re doing more procrastinating than working, the job is taking its toll on your health and more.

Work can be very hard. The environment could be very stressful, your boss could be very heavy-handed, or you could struggle to find work-life balance. While these are just some of the issues we see, what’s important is to figure out whether you’re having a bad day, or if the situation is so bad you need to find another job. Here are some clear signs that the time is now to call a recruiter about the next phase in your career.

The Sunday Night Lows

The first sign that it’s time to pick up the phone the next time a recruiter calls are if you start to worry about Monday on Sunday night. You may not even be fully aware of the level of your anxiety. Low-level worries about your job are one thing, but if you feel like calling off sick because the idea of working eight hours on Monday is horrifying, it’s time to consider an alternative.

You’re Working Less and Procrastinating More

We have some bad news for the employee that puts off tasks; that procrastination may be a sign that you don’t want to be there. Everyone can lag behind or put things off, but chronic procrastination probably means that you are not engaged in the work at hand. If you catch yourself surfing a newsfeed instead of getting work done you should be aware that it might be time to hit the highway.

Your Job is Making You Sick

All that anxiety can lead to chronic migraines or high blood pressure. Think for a moment about how much time you’ve been taking off lately. Do you notice a pattern of sick days that seems to be increasing? Have you maxed out your sick time by mid-year but the issues have all been low-level non-diagnosed illnesses? Are you drinking too much at night to try to lessen the workday stress? Your job should not make your health suffer. If it does it’s time to get out.

Your Family is Sicker Than You Are

If your loved ones are sick of hearing about the job, it might be time for a change. Excessive venting about the job can lead to an overall sense of negativity about the work you’re doing. This negativity can come home to roost so that your support systems are worn out from hearing you complain day in and day out. If your loved ones start complaining to you that you never have anything positive to say, perhaps it’s time to look for greener pastures.

Today’s job market has changed. Record unemployment means that there are more jobs than workers out there – and that means you have options you haven’t even realized yet. Don’t get stuck in the dreaded complaining and worry about a job that’s gone wrong. If you’re exhibiting one or more of the symptoms we’ve described, take the time to recognize that you have options.

If this is really it and you know deep down it’s time for a chance, call IES to explore your options. We can help.

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