Stress can be both positive and negative. The negatives are the physical ailments that come with chronic stress, like heart disease and anxiety disorders, which today affects more than 40 million adults. Usually, we think of stress in the negative, as in, “I am so stressed out.” But stress actually can stimulate your brain to move faster in difficult situations to keep us from danger. There are ways we can use our stressed-out states to work more efficiently and produce more, faster. Recognizing stress is one thing but harnessing the emotion for a positive result could take your career to the next level.

Say “Hello” to Stress

According to the Harvard Business Review, acknowledging that you are stressed is the first step toward using the emotion to your advantage. Paying attention to the constant stress you’re under means that you may be more inclined to do something about it before it becomes a health concern. When you’re stressed, denial does nothing but make the condition harder to manage. So step one for regaining control is to say, “Hello,” to stress by acknowledging that it exists.

Think Differently About Stress

Recognizing you’re stressed can make you more stressed. Viewing stress as a negative emotion will reinforce it as such. But what would happen if you began to look at your stress as a challenge to overcome? Studies have shown that you can overcome some of the negative effects of stress if you retrain your mind to look at the emotion as something to beat or overcome. Thinking positively about the stress in your life and looking at it as something to use instead of something that will drown you is the second step toward turning things around.

The truth is that no one lives a stress-free life. Most of us look at stress as something to be avoided. But recognizing it is the first step toward mastering it. Now let’s look at how we can use that anxiety in a positive way.

Use Stress as a Motivator

The final step toward making your stress productive is to use the feelings as a motivator. Stress triggers a chemical in your brain called dopamine, which can be used to push yourself to act. When you recognize your stress and retrain your outlook that it’s a positive, suddenly you can understand the body’s chemical reaction and harness it for good. Could stress drive you to do more by taking action? Why not? Physically your body is ready to move, so get up and get productive. Stress can be used to spur you mentally to hit deadlines and get more done. If you’re looking at stress as a positive, it can push you to be more successful.

Some of the manifestations of stress include physical behaviors like insomnia and restlessness. If you can’t sleep, why not get up and get something accomplished? Make your list for the workday and get started on knocking some things off your list. In this way, stress can be harnessed as a motivator for higher efficiency.

Managing stress could help you become more productive as a person who accomplishes life and work goals. It is in this way that we can use stress as a weapon to motivate and change your activity levels.

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