It’s easy to get stuck in the job search. If you’ve been sending out resume after resume in the same job board channels and you’re not getting a response, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit. Here’s how to recognize a job search rut and how you can climb out of it to find another career path.

Top Signs Your Job Search is Stuck

Here are some of the top signs we’ve witnesses that show you’re job search isn’t panning out. Are you:

  • Feeling like you’ve asked your entire social network for jobs and no one is even responding anymore?
  • Running out of new ideas to get your resume out in the world?
  • Losing motivation to conduct your search.
  • Worried your resume or social profiles are somehow thwarting your job search efforts.
  • Bored with the jobs you see on job boards.

These are all signs your job search is stuck in a rut and needs uplifted, cleaned up, and motivated. Here’s what you can do to improve and get recharged.

  • Regroup by taking time to map out what you’ve done so far to find a job. If those habits haven’t worked, what can you do to try something new? Be creative and thoughtful in your approach. Have you worked with a recruiter yet? How about a contract position over a full-time role? Have you talked with a friend and asked them to help you revamp your resume? What about asking for feedback on your social profile?
  • Develop a plan for a job roadmap. Write down your goals, what you’re looking for, and whom you know that could help you find a job. We’re suggesting you create a marketing plan for yourself as a way to promote your way into a new job.
  • Understand what you want instead of flailing away at every job opening. Revamping your job search requires that you take time to understand your strengths and weaknesses and then create a resume and some job search targets that showcase your experience in the best light.
  • Define the types of companies that interest you and target them. Sending your resume to companies via a job board is an inefficient and frustrating process that rarely yields a response. Instead, work harder at making connections at companies where you know you want to work. Look at the company mission and vision and understand what you’re getting into and whether it fits your personal goals. Then work to make more connections at that company to improve the chances you’ll find the job you want.
  • Then and only then—restart your search efforts with a new resume and a new focus. Try using powerful tools like LinkedIn to network with companies that you want to work for. Stop relying just on the job board to find a job.

Finally, talk to a recruiter. Recruiters are your best resource for connecting with employers. Their work is confidential and paid for by the employers, so they are the best-kept secret for empowering your job search. Why wouldn’t you make the connection?

Contact IES today to jump-start your job search. If you’re stuck in a rut, it’s the best way to get things moving again.


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