According to polls, nearly 70% of the workforce is disengaged and unhappy. No one likes all the unhappiness floating around—and this includes the employees themselves. Why would you be happy about being negative about your job? You spend an excessive amount of time each week at work, so if you’re unhappy, that’s a lot of time spent feeling bad about what you’re doing. But what if you could change your attitude and the focus around you to be more positive and happier? This article will show you what to do to improve.

Get to know your coworkers

It’s easier to disengage when you don’t get to know the people around you. The Harvard Business Review says that creating meaningful relationships with coworkers is the glue that retains workers. Getting to know the people you work with can lead to real and lasting friendships, while also boosting your mood and productivity at work.

Be satisfied with the small wins

Part of your frustration maybe that you’re not experiencing job satisfaction. If this is the case, reframe your daily tasks into a series of small wins that you can celebrate. For example, make a list each day of tasks, and when you achieve them, try to reward yourself by sharing the little wins with your coworkers.

Work on some new job habits

Perhaps part of the problem is that you are bored with your job. Most people enjoy learning new things. There are all kinds of online resources that you can take advantage of each day to learn new things. Is there a way to add an audiobook to your daily commute? How about taking an online class? Improving your mood at work could simply be reengaging in a sense of purpose—and learning something new could be just what you need to change your attitude.

Improve your old job habits

As you’ve wallowed in your discontent, have you developed some bad habits that are ultimately holding you back? Sit down on Monday and assess what habits you’ve created that is building a negative vibe around you. Is one habit that you’re overly negative in meetings? Try staying quiet or only talking about the positive for a change. Do you find yourself failing to respond to emails? Try setting a sunset rule that all emails will be answered by the close of business.

While these are a few suggestions, they’re important ways to put time into improving yourself. While you may feel stuck in a job you don’t like, taking the time to reassess your behaviors and the negativity you’re bringing to the job is a good way to shake you out of being a “Negative Nellie” and into a more positive frame of mind. Who knows—being happier at work could even boost your career.

If you’re struggling to feel positive about your work setting, the good news is that you have options. Contact the team at IES about how we can look at greener pastures to improve your mood, your work output, and your life. We can help.

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