Hiring managers understand the difficulties inherent in the candidate search process these days. But a staffing agency can help employers change the game when trying to attract hard-to-find or passive job candidates. While many employers reserve the option of working with a staffing agency for temp or part-time workers, there are some big benefits when hiring for a full-time permanent direct-hire position. This article will help you understand why employers are increasingly choosing staffing agencies to help them find a better workforce.

Understanding Direct Hire

A direct hire is a full-time employee instead of being a temporary worker. These positions are usually long-term additions to an existing department. The staffing agency is a great resource, as many terrific contract workers are seeking these types of positions.

There are some clear-cut benefits of choosing this approach over a contract position. They include:

  • Improve Your Candidate Pool
    Staffing agencies have been working on their candidate networks for years. Employers can connect immediately with a top tier pool of skilled workers that would never reach them without proactive networking. Most HR managers don’t have time to build their networks in this way. Staffing agencies can improve your candidate pool and increase the volume of permanent workers willing to start a conversation with your company.
  • Stronger Long-Term Commitment
    Staffing agencies screen for job jumpers, instead, specializing in the long-term, stable, permanent candidate that would be an asset to your team. Temporary employees understand they will move on at some point, so hiring a permanent worker builds a stronger bond between the employee and the company.
  • Permanent Workers Benefit from Benefits
    Hiring a temp-to-hire or a temporary worker is harder in some ways because they may not receive corporate benefits. Many times the staffing agency will offer these perks as part of their contract with the worker. But a permanent position gives employees the option of experiencing the serious benefits that can come with a full-time role. These perks can help you attract a better candidate pool. If your company has catered lunches or quarterly happy hours, these are all perks that can sweeten the deal for permanent workers and make it easier for staffing agencies to find you a great employee—fast.

Working with a Staffing Agency on a Direct Hire

Direct hire recruiting is smarter for today’s competitive labor markets. That’s because workers seek out these full-time positions for their job security, over a contracted position that could end anytime. While employers have plenty of choices today for how they approach hiring, the permanent position is a solid attractant for the kinds of candidates you want to join your team.

Direct hire recruiting is the best option for employers today, and IES can help you with a pool of qualified candidates ready to go to work.

Our team can help your HR managers save time on posting jobs, sourcing for talent, and screening applicants. This frees them up to conduct other activities to build your employee relationships and improve your business. IES has an extensive track record and the experience you’re seeking to find the right talent that also fits your unique culture and corporate goals. When you’re making a move toward hiring, first, make a move to contact IES.


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