To find a job without a resume, focus on employers with online applications, network, pitch your candidacy with emails or letters, create an online presence, and more.

Building a resume is hard if you don’t have the resources on hand to pull it together. Whether you lack a computer or printer or don’t feel you have the writing skills, building a resume can feel like an insurmountable mountain that you can’t climb. But is there a way to get a job without a resume? Do you have to have one to land a job?

Here are four tips for finding a job, even if you don’t have a resume.

#1 Use the online application process in your favor

If you don’t have a computer at home, most libraries have free Internet and a computer. Many companies now require you to fill out an application online. If you have a resume, you can also submit it, however many of these online platforms ask you to fill out employment histories in the system, so a resume isn’t even necessary.

#2 Go to a job fair and network

Using your networking skills to find a job is often the best way to be successful—even over submitting a resume online. That’s why companies have job fairs; it’s a way for them to get to meet you in person so you can share your skills. But when was the last time you reached out to all your Facebook friends to tell them you’re looking for work? If you attend church or professional associations, reaching out to your colleagues to tell them you’re on the market is the best way to find opportunities. Try sending out a personal email to everyone you know, asking if they’re aware of jobs that might fit your skills. It’s also a very good idea to connect with a recruiter at a staffing agency like IES to share your skills.

#3 Send letters and email to get the attention of hiring managers

What about targeting a company directly and sending them a letter or email sharing your work ethic and experience? Write the note in a way that shows them how you can solve some of the problems they might be having. Address the correspondence to the small business owner or department managers and ask if they would be willing to meet with you to talk about your skills and how you might be a value to their team.

#4 Use social media to create a positive impression

The free business platform LinkedIn is absolutely the perfect way to get the attention of a recruiter. Recruiters search the platform all day long for the right candidates for jobs they’re trying to fill. Use a professional picture and list out your job history, skills, and accomplishments. Ask your colleagues to recommend and endorse you. High visibility on this platform is a great way to get noticed.

Another great tip is to simply fill out an application in-person. How many times have you frequented a business these days and seen a help wanted sign with a stack of paper applications? Those usually go directly to a hiring manager so it’s well worth your time to fill them out.

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