To make your employees happier in 2020, work on building a company culture that thrives, offer development and learning opportunities, and foster employee well-being.

It’s a simple rule of thumb; happier employees are more productive. There have been countless studies showing this, and also dozens more that show disengaged workers are a detriment to your business goals. The best employers recognize if you take care of your people, they will take care of you. It’s just that simple and just that hard. How can you make your culture better, your employees happier, and increase your bottom line in 2020?

Start With The Money

Your employees are working to support their lifestyle, whatever it may be. But during the historically low unemployment that we’ve experienced, your company is vulnerable to encroachment by competing employers to steal your best workers away. They do this typically by offering more money. So, we know money matters, even to your most loyal employees. Without the cash to pay bills, your workers will listen closely the next time a recruiter calls. If your work environment is very positive, that may keep the employee in place. But not making a living wage or feeling like you’re not being paid what you’re worth is stressful. The problem for small business owners is they only have so much cash flow. So, while you might be able to pay at the top of your ability (and bottom line), it still may not be competitive. That’s when you can start to look closely at the benefits you offer.

Now Look at Benefits

Health insurance, dental, vision, and ancillary benefits like Aflac, is very important to most workers. But giving them the flexibility to work from home, or cutting them some slack if they have to pick up a sick child, are benefits that most workers would be very grateful for. Also, rewarding the small wins at work by passing out gift cards or tickets to events will create a culture of fun and excitement. Even little things like letting employees dress down one day a week or let them wear football jerseys for their favorite team can create interest and make the office environment better. Employees also appreciate if you invest in their education, so having a benefit that allows them to go back to school or otherwise further themselves will build their loyalty and benefit your business.

For 2020, Build a Better Culture

The company culture is the feeling workers have at work. It’s a combination of the office environment and the goals and values of the workforce and the company. Creating a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated will go a long way toward keeping them long-term. You can do this by:

  • Encouraging workers to take ownership of their job and the vision and mission of the company.
  • Discouraging toxic behaviors to create a warm, safe, friendly place where people work hard and are supported in their efforts to do their best.
  • Squashing gossip, bullying, or other bad behavior quickly and lead by example by being kind and supportive of your teams.
  • Supporting a positive culture by catering a lunchtime meal or invite teams to participate in events together.
  • Creating transparency by involving workers in creating and hitting your company goals.

Building a better culture takes effort and the right employees to pull it off. Contact IES. We can help you find the best talent to build a successful organization in the New Year.


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