To have a great resume in 2020, it must be easily scannable, there should be clear examples of your achievements, choose your words carefully, and more.

Even in an era of social media networks, your resume is still incredibly important for landing a job. This year, the best way to ensure your resume is noticed is to think like a recruiter. We have the best tips for writing a great resume that will get you noticed by hiring teams.

Tip 1 Write for Your Audience

The first rule of resume writing in 2020 is to create a document that plays well with applicant tracking systems and career portals. There are really three hurdles you have to get through with this document: The ATS software, the recruiter, and the hiring manager.

If you’re wondering if SEO will still matter in 2020, the answer is, “Absolutely.” We recommend going to online job boards and pulling keywords from job descriptions for the career path you’re targeting. Then use those keywords in your resume. This will help recruiters find your resume when searching in an applicant tracking system or database of job seekers. The ATS will look at the digital formatting of your resume and the keywords. But ironically, so will the recruiter, who likely did a keyword search to find you. If your resume makes it through these first two hurdles, chances are you’ll get the interview with the recruiter and possibly the hiring manager.

We highly recommend targeting your resume to fit the job you’re applying to. While this is time-consuming it will help your resume go farther up the chain of command during the hiring process.

Tip 2 Make Your Resume Easy to Scan

The latest study shows that recruiters spend about seven seconds on your resume. Recruiters are incredibly busy, so you should design your resume in a way that makes it easy to read. Look for a simple, clean format with bullets and no long sentences. If a resume is too hard to read it doesn’t matter what your experience is, it will not get noticed. Avoid any quirky fonts, line up each section neatly, and use white space to your advantage. Keep in mind that anything too fancy may not upload well into career portals, so keep things creative but also neat, and professional.

You can add a little color to your resume but don’t make it distracting. The color should be a compliment, not the primary focus. Each achievement should be listed, not every task. Use action words and quantify what you did in the company in a way that will get the attention of the recruiter.

Watch for careless spelling mistakes and misused words can make you look like you lack attention to detail. Above all, write the resume from the perspective of the job you’re trying to land. The document should highlight the skills and qualities necessary for the job description. Each bullet should concisely explain your experience.

Tip 3 Get Help from a Friend

Once the first draft of your resume is complete, why not talk with a professional recruiter at IES to get some feedback on the finished product? At IES, our job is to help you find your professional home. We can help you find the right fit, and help prep your resume and interview skills to get you noticed. Contact us today.

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