To increase your happiness at work, find meaning, apply your strengths, foster work relationships, takes breaks, and use your lunch break, and more.

More than 50% of us are unhappy at work. Isn’t that terrible? The surveys show that workers are unhappy with job security, wages, promotions, vacation policies, sick leave, and health and retirement plans. The statistics are alarming and show us that workers were happier in 1987 than they are now.

While you’re not alone in feeling unhappy at work, we have tips on how to improve your outlook. Here’s what you can do to make your job a little bit better in the New Year.

Tip 1 Find Some Friends

Many people are working to live and not living to work. If this is the case for you, we suggest finding new ways to find meaning in the daily grind. Work can be a good place to make new friends, so use these daily social interactions to feel more positive about being there. Make sure these relationships are fun and upbeat and try to avoid office politics and gossip in order to make work more positive. Try going out to lunch occasionally with your co-workers to get to know them. While you don’t need to socialize with them all the time, perhaps you’ll make some long-lasting friendships in the process.

Tip 2 Move In To Your Space

Motivation can come from small things at the office. For example, if you have a green thumb, why not bring in plants to brighten your office space. Plants are nice conversation starters, too, which could make work more interesting and fun. Or, maybe you’re crafty. Why not craft a wreath to hang on your door or bedazzle your chair. Maybe you have some of your artwork to hang in your space. Or even just decorating a cool bulletin board at your desk will make the space feel less barren and more welcoming. If your space feels like home, maybe you’ll feel more like being there.

Tip 3 Exercise at Work

Your motivation in the New Year could also be trying to lose weight. You can make work a more positive experience by focusing on your own self-improvement. Maybe you can schedule a brisk walk at lunchtime every day. Some offices have gyms or access to fitness centers. Or maybe you could organize an office walk every week where your new office friends get together during an afternoon break to do the stairs. The studies show that exercising at work improves your mood and productivity, so make sure you take breaks and take advantage of a few minutes every day to take care of you.

Tip 4 Write Down The Positives

Start a gratitude journal, and every day write down one thing that you’re happy and grateful for when you’re sitting at your desk at work. Starting each day with just a small note of positivity may help influence your mood and lighten the load.

Tip 5 Make a Job Change

If you’re like many of us, you aren’t feeling appreciated at work. But the truth today is there are lots of choices for job seekers. If you try the first four tips and still don’t feel happy at work, perhaps it’s time to consider a change. A call with the IES team is confidential, why not take the next step in your career and contact us today?

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