There are many benefits to taking a temporary job, including the temp job may be exactly what you’re looking for, it fills a gap in experience need for the next job, it provides both income and benefits, and more.

Temporary workers fill a much-needed void when companies need to staff up or fill an employment gap. A temp-to-hire job is one where the temporary engagement could lead to a permanent role. There are big benefits for temp-to-hire, particularly that it allows both employers and workers to try the job on for size before a commitment is made. What other benefits are there in taking on a temp-to-hire career path?

Temp-to-Hire Job Benefits

A temp-to-hire role could be either short- or long-term. You’ll find these roles in almost every industry today. The roles can also be called contracting or freelancing, and the work arrangement varies by the employer.

Workers consider the temp-to-hire roles for a variety of reasons:

  • The job may only be available as a seasonal or temporary position.
  • The temp-to-hire position may allow schedule flexibilities that fit the worker’s lifestyle or situation.
  • The job candidate may feel leery about the company or the position and wants to try it out before committing.

No matter the reason, the temp-to-hire roles play an important part in the local economy. They help eliminate the risk for employers and workers. Employers may worry that a fluctuating market could impact the position, so the temp-to-hire role allows them to make a decision at the end of the contract based on the economy as much as the quality of the employee.

But these positions have clear benefits for workers as much as for an employer:

  • Having a time limit on the employment contract may be appealing to workers that have a short-term need for a job.
  • It can fill a gap in income while the worker searching for a full-time position.
  • Temp-to-hire often has a shorter hiring process, which allows employees to get back to work more quickly after being laid-off or let go.
  • It allows the employee to see if they are a fit for the workplace culture and values.
  • It also lets workers see if the job description matches the realities of the role.
  • It lets you test out your commute to the job. What is parking like? How will the transit line work? No one wants to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic all day. A temp-to-hire job lets you work out the intangibles on the job before committing.
  • These roles also add valuable resume skills that they can use in their career.
  • Speaking of resume skills, a temp-to-hire role also keeps an employee working so that no gaps in their resume occur.
  • In addition to income, some of these roles offer benefits like health and dental insurance.
  • Of course, these roles could lead to a full-time position.

A temp-to-hire job puts employees back in the driver’s seat. But employers like this type of position, too. Employers can often move more quickly in these types of temporary positions. Temp-to-hire is perfect for employers that need to fill a spot quickly on their team and don’t have time to get a full-time role approved through bureaucratic channels.

For workers, a temp-to-hire role may be the best or only option to get their foot in the door of a company they’ve targeted. Companies can instigate temporary hiring freezes on full-time roles, but will still bring in temp-to-hire workers to help with production. This gives workers a shot at great jobs they otherwise wouldn’t have.

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