To retain your top employees, show them they’re valued, encourage them to be teachers, actively solicit feedback, and more.

It takes more effort to find and train new employees than it does to work harder to keep the old ones. The job market has been very tight for years, with not enough good workers to draw upon. Managers should try their best to keep top employees; not only are they fully trained, but they are also high performers that you rely upon to get the job done. It always hurts an organization when a high performing employee resigns. This article will give managers some tips on how to keep top performers on the job longer.

Let Them Know Their Value

According to the Harvard Business Review, the studies show that high performing employees like to be recognized for their efforts. Every employee does, really. Human beings are hardwired to seek praise and reward. As a manager, it’s your job to make sure they hear plenty of it.

There are all kinds of ways to recognize your best workers for their on-the-job performance. You can establish an employee of the quarter award. You can give out little gifts or big bonuses. Employees almost always welcome promotions and raises. Giving your best workers more responsibility and better pay will give them a concrete example of how much they mean to you and the company. It’s a highly recommended technique for managers hope to keep their top talent longer.

Give Them Tasks To Help Them Excel

Everyone has something they excel at. It’s the job of the manager to find out what it is and then move the employee into roles that showcase those skills. No one is perfect or good at everything. But having the right person in the right seat at work will help accelerate departmental production while keeping employees happier. Giving your high performers the chance to capitalize on their skills will engage them in the success of the organization. Managers can also work with these employees to train them in areas they want to learn.

Each One Teach One

You can keep your best workers engaged for longer if you give them the opportunity to mentor peers. Allowing them to teach others will let the employee know how much you trust and value their efforts. It validates their expertise while teaching valuable skills to new workers.

Provide and Solicit Feedback

Transparency in leadership is important. Allowing employees to share their feedback in addition to receiving yours is a valuable way to build a 360-degree organization. Managers should engage top employees in a give and take feedback loop that allows both of you to improve.

Managers have a responsibility to support their employees. This effort will help you retain workers longer. When a manager asks basic questions such as: “What can I do to support you in your job?” it lets the employee know that you’re interested in working closely in a supportive role to elevate their work. Few managers are able to pull this off, but if you do, your top-performing workers will not only excel in the job but want to keep doing it.

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