As the weeks under quarantine drag on, it’s likely your children are getting (or have been) bored. It’s understandable if you’re on lockdown, especially if the weather is bad and you can’t get outside. For parents, it’s a difficult time, as many schools are closing till the fall. How can you keep kids busy and learning during school closures?

Best Way to Keep Kids Entertained During COVID-19

In some ways, you may feel like the quarantine is great for spending quality time with your family. On the other hand, there are probably days when you feel a little stir crazy from being cooped up. Now imagine what your children must feel with all that energy roaming around inside their bodies. The good news is that there are all kinds of free resources available right now to keep parents and their children busy. For example:

  • Storytime Anytime has videos of people reading books to kids and Brightly Storytime is another YouTube channel that has read along books split by age brackets.
  • com has free basic services if you sign up. You’ll find lesson plans and worksheets to keep education going even when school is closed.
  • org is free and you can sign up to get preschool through fifth-grade worksheets and how-to articles delivered to your email. However, you will need printer access to take advantage of these resources.
  • com is giving away a free month (a $10 savings). They’re also offering 49% off an annual subscription. The site has 850 lessons across 10 levels for kids aged two to eight. There are more than 9,000 free activities on the site.
  • Scholastic has its Learn at Home Program for PreK to the ninth grade.
  • CircleTime has great interactive things for kids to do, from guided yoga, to story time to family cooking and sing-alongs. All are free.
  • PBS is a great resource for all kinds of free activities and suggestions for things to do. Right now their site has games to play, crafts to make, and videos to watch.
  • All Kids Network has free craft ideas, worksheets, and other activities.
  • The Nature Conservancy has a whole line of free curriculum for children aged K through 12. The website lets them go on virtual field trips to explore distant countries and learn about what it’s like to live there.
  • The San Diego Zoo has live cams of their animals to see what’s going on even when the zoo is closed.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has a whole list of things you can do to keep your kids busy. Here are a few ideas they list on our website:

  • For younger children:
    • Practice writing skills by becoming pen pals with friends.
    • Plant garden seeds in cups and put them in a sunny window to see what happens.
    • Use a whiteboard or a pad and paper and let your children teach you what they know.
    • Do sidewalk chalk drawings.
    • Take painters tape and make a maze on the carpet to play with toy cars.
  • For older children:
    • Bake cookies or cake.
    • Let them make dinner.
    • Create a journal.
    • Make fun videos.
  • For everyone:
    • Do puzzles or play games.
    • FaceTime or Zoom friends and family.
    • Play video games together.

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