Temporary jobs are increasing faster than all other types of jobs. The studies suggest that temp jobs will grow to more than 3.2 million by 2025. As a category, these types of jobs are far surpassing all other types of employment. Chances are, at some point, you may end up a temp employee. Here’s how to be successful even in your first temporary job.

Understanding the Temp Job

The first thing to recognize is that a temporary job could last a long time—or, you might find yourself out on the street in a surprisingly short time period. Temp jobs are tied to a set contractual amount of time when you’ll do the job. However, you will need to do your best to “wow” the employer or they could ask for a replacement worker. It happens. The benefit of a temp job is that you also have the chance to ask for a new assignment. But there are all kinds of things we can do to make sure the job is a good fit and that you stay there for the entire contract length. For example:

  • Dress appropriately for the job. If it’s a construction position, come prepared to work in whatever attire is appropriate. Some companies are suit oriented; office workers should look their best. But more companies are opting for casual dress attire, so sometimes even a pair of khakis is just fine. Ask your recruiter about what it the most appropriate outfit to wear and always follow the rules to fit in.
  • Come prepared. It’s a good idea to bring a tablet to take notes or a backpack with your lunch or a sweater. You may want to bring water or gum or whatever you need to make yourself comfortable. Be prepared to hit the ground fast and get started in your temp job.
  • Keep your complaints to yourself. If you have to, call your recruiter to chat about how the role is going. While it’s a great idea to make friends during your tenure at the temp job, it’s not a good idea to be a negative Nellie and spend your breaks complaining to other workers or sharing gossip. Inevitably the complaint will reach the wrong people, and your reputation will suffer.
  • Engage and work hard. Many temporary jobs can lead to full-time employment. You never know where these roles will take you. So come in on time and work hard on the job. It’s a good idea to check in with your manager at the end of the day to see if they need anything else before you leave. Offer to help others, even if it’s outside your job description. Leave your smartphone in your bag and make sure you don’t check texts, email, or voicemail before lunchtime when you have a break.
  • Stay positive. We know that sometimes it’s hard being a temporary worker. But staying positive on the job is a good reference both for you and for the agency that sends you out to a job.

IES has dozens of temporary roles. It’s a good time to make a connection with us so we can keep you working. Contact us now.

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