Learn important tips for working your first warehouse job, such as buying a good pair of shoes/boots, arriving early, asking a lot of questions, and more.

Congratulations on landing your first warehouse job. You’ve landed a role that plays an important role in the logistics industry of supply and demand. Your job may include working with general merchandise or refrigerated goods, but no matter what you’re doing, know that you are playing an important role in the American economy. It’s a job that has increased in demand over the past few years and shown steady growth and stability.

But like any job, there are some tricks to working in a warehouse that a first-timer will need to learn. Warehouse work is often physically demanding. You may learn to operate the equipment. You will certainly learn new systems and rules, particularly ways to stay safe on the job.

This article will give you some tips to prepare for your first warehouse position.

Tip #1 Start with Your Feet

No matter what the job is, you’ll probably be on your feet a lot in the warehouse world. Invest in some comfortable and supportive shoes. The right shoes can protect your feet, knees, and back from soreness and even injury. Depending on the job, you may need steel toes to protect you from potential injury. The right shoes are an important investment worth the money, no matter the job, but particularly in the warehouse world.

Click here to see the Mayo Clinic’s article on finding the right shoes to fit your feet.

Tip #2 Pack a Lunch

Leaving to head out to grab lunch may not be possible if your warehouse is off the beaten path. You also may find you need a snack during breaks to keep your energy up. Packing a lunch is a frugal option—but also a healthy one. If you’re old enough to remember the old steel lunchboxes your Dad or Grandfather may have carried, they usually had a thermos with a beverage and a sandwich. This is one habit that’s a good one to hand down from the prior generations.

Tip #3 Show Up Early

You’ve heard this one from your recruiter before: Show up early. The first day on the new job may have paperwork to fill out or some other additional steps that you didn’t anticipate. Get there a little early to meet people and to start on the right foot.

Tip #4 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

This is an especially good point for your first week on the job. It will be confusing, and a lot of information will probably be thrown at you quickly. You may not be able to absorb everything on your first day. That’s okay as long as you’re asking questions to make sure you know everything necessary to do the job.

#5 Smile and Meet People

To fit in, make sure you’re making an effort to seem approachable. Smile at coworkers, say hello, and introduce yourself. Even this small bit of friendliness will help you get along with others and make the job a little easier for everyone around you.

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