To calm your nerves before an interview, go for a walk, practice the S.T.O.P method, make an interview cheat sheet, and more.

Everyone that interviews for a job gets nervous. Some people show it more than others. There are ways you can prepare by studying the company and the people you’re interviewing with, but how can you tamp down on your sense of nervousness and anxiety? We have tips that can help.

What to Do Before the Interview

This may sound counterintuitive, but you should go take a walk right before the interview to clear your mind and lower your anxiety. Before you walk in the door for the interview, walk around the building a couple of times, taking deep breaths to calm and compose yourself. There is a well-known technique called the S.T.O.P. method that uses some of these same techniques:

  • Stop what you’re doing and focus internally on your thought patterns.
  • Take a few deep breaths to the bottom of your lungs.
  • Observe what is happening inside yourself. What are your emotions doing? What are you thinking and feeling?
  • Proceed with an understanding of your anxiousness and what you observed inside.

Prepare in Advance

Think about the worst things that could go wrong in the interview. Are your clothes neat and pressed? Take time to clean up your wardrobe to present a professional appearance. Worried you’ll get a dry throat and start to cough? It’s okay to carry in a bottle of water or accept a bottle if the interviewer offers. Afraid you might not know the answer to a question? Look over your job history or resume carefully and think about the likely questions the employer will ask about your work history and how you should respond. Maybe make an interview cheat sheet that includes the address of where you’re interviewing, the time, and the interviewer’s name and number. Write down some questions to ask the hiring manager about the position. Bring along copies of your resume and references.

You should also make sure you’ve had breakfast or lunch before the interview. Does coffee help you stay mentally sharp? Did you get enough sleep the night before? These are all good questions to consider as you prepare your body and mind for the interview.

As you make your way to the interview, consider listening to your favorite songs to get you in a good frame of mind. Or, call your favorite friend or loved one and ask them to give you a pep talk before the important meeting. The stress of the moment will produce adrenaline. Being nervous may not be great, but being pumped up to do your best is a great idea. If you’re using the STOP method, make sure you note the heightened adrenaline level you may experience and use it to walk around the building and get your energy focused. Try to reframe your nervous energy into excited, anticipatory energy to fuel a great interview.

Finally, Keep This in Mind

This is not the end of the world. You’re not doing a TED Talk or jumping out of an airplane. An interview is a conversation between you and a couple of people. You’ve probably done harder things in your lifetime. Think about the hardest thing you’ve ever done compared to the interview process. You might realize that the interview isn’t as bad as many of the things you’ve made it through in your lifetime.

Remember, you are interviewing them, too.

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