To manage stress better at work, start your day off right, be clear on requirements, stay away from conflict, talk a walk at lunch, and more.

These days, it seems like everyone is worried about something. The economy, the coronavirus, politics, the environment; so many worries are crammed into each day for so many of us. This underlying level of concern makes handling stress at work that much harder, even if you’re working from home. This article will help you by sharing five ways to handle the added stress at the office.

Relieving Stress at Work

Adopting coping strategies in the workplace will help you feel better on the job and at home. Here are five suggestions that may help:

  1. Get started on the right foot every day.
    You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. WebMD says breakfast is a way to kick-start your metabolism and help you focus. But breakfast is only one example of how starting your day off right will help you handle stress throughout the day. Taking a little extra time in the mornings to find your center of gravity will help get your day on track. Even if you’re not a morning person, having some quiet time with a favorite beverage can calm your mind. Doing yoga or talking a walk before work will help you find a core strength inside yourself to handle anything that comes your way that day.
  2. Avoid conflict and drama.
    Social media is full of stress, isn’t it? But our second tip is to try to avoid conflict, whether it is personal or social media-induced. Conflict makes your emotions run high, and it can be very distracting when you’re trying to focus at work. Interpersonal conflict can strain your mental and emotional health. Conflict with coworkers is a distraction from the deadline-driven work you’re trying to produce. To better manage stress, consider eliminating drama from your life whenever possible.
  3. Get organized.
    It’s a safe assumption to say that the most productive people are also organized. If you can follow their lead by taking a half-hour before work each day to organize your tasks, it will improve your overall productivity. Also, decluttering your desk may help to declutter your mind before launching into your day. If you can take time to get organized, you may not feel as stressed throughout the day. You might make more deadlines and eliminate the stress of having to rush to get things done.
  4. Get comfortable.
    How comfortable is your work chair? Check-in with yourself about this. Is your desk comfortable? If you’re working from home, do you have a good place to spread out your work? It’s easy to zone out on your physical discomfort when you’re at work, but a bad chair can also give you a bad attitude.
  5. Take a break and take a walk.
    You’ve heard this advice repeatedly, but are you listening? Sitting all day is a leading cause of poor health. But you can fight this and the stress you feel at work with one simple activity: Walking. Whether you take a walk before work to center yourself or take a lunchtime break and go around the block at your home or office, you will feel better. It’s a promise—but you have to make it a habit for it to work. Movement of any type can help you alleviate stress throughout the day.

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