There are many benefits of working a temp-to-hire position, including getting to try out the job, exploring a company’s culture and values, getting hired faster, and more.

Companies spend around $20 billion on temporary workers each year. Budgets expand and contract with the economy, so temporary workers are great ways for companies to scale up or down without a lot of risks.

From an employee perspective, temporary and temp-to-hire positions have some benefits that can’t be discounted. This article will give you four positives of taking a temporary position as your next job.

Benefits of Temping

Temp-to-hire roles are often available even when full-time positions aren’t. From an employer’s perspective, hiring a temp worker as a trial can take away some of the risk associated with hiring new workers. It’s more cost-effective for the company to “try it before they buy it.”

But the benefits of temp-to-hire aren’t just one-side, resting with the employer. Here are some benefits for the employee when taking on this kind of position:

  • You also get to try the job out before accepting the risk of a full-time position. Throughout an interview process, most candidates can get a feel for the organization. But the truth is, you don’t know what a role is like until you’re in it. A temp-to-hire position gives you the ability to truly try out the job with no risk.
  • You can explore the company values and culture before taking on a job where you might not fit in. Culture is increasingly important to candidates, so working as a temp employee can immerse you in corporate culture to be sure you’re a fit. Did the hiring manager’s promises live up to the reality of the position? Do you like your coworkers and feel like you could work there full-time? All of these questions can be answered if you work in a temp-to-hire role.
  • What’s the commute like? If the role isn’t remote, what is the reality of traffic or a long train ride? While the idea of the job may sound great, you won’t understand the added stress of a long commute if you don’t experience it.
  • Of course, one of the biggest benefits of taking on a temp role is you will gain valuable job skills you may not have acquired otherwise. For workers that are new to an industry, a temp job can allow you the opportunity to earn valuable job skills for your resume. It a dual benefit; not only does a temp job let you potentially get hired full-time in the job you’re in, but it gives you more opportunities down the road.

A temp-to-hire position can open the door to new opportunities. Many companies cannot hire full-time workers, so temporary workers allow them to still bring on new talent without overextending their hiring numbers. Too, these companies have employees who leave all the time, so whether it’s FMLA or resignation, the temp-to-hire position may turn into a full-time position even more quickly than you had planned.

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