To build a relationship with your temp employees, relate whenever you can, show your appreciation, ask for feedback and more.

Temporary workers are the new normal. According to one article, temp workers are doing everything from building cars to delivering packages, and as many as one in three adults work in a temp role to make ends meet.

Temporary workers have been around for decades, but what has changed is the sheer volume of temp employees that make up the labor force today. This makes it more difficult for managers to build relationships with these workers, which can negatively affect company culture if not appropriately handled.

This article will give you some advice on managing relationships with temp workers in ways that benefit your team and company.

Tip 1 Show Your Appreciation

This advice is particularly important for managers to consider. The temp worker lacks the same kinds of perks that your full-time workers enjoy. Unless the staffing agency offers benefits, they may not have paid vacations or even insurance. This could make it easier for some workers to not give it their all on a job that they know could end sometime soon. But managers can boost temp worker performance by encouraging them and praising their performance in the same way you would a full-time employee. Recognize these workers in staff meetings and offer flex time whenever possible to build their loyalty.

Tip 2 Engage Them by Asking for Feedback

It can be very helpful to get an outsider’s perspective, which could be near you as a temp worker. Temporary workers may be able to see the big picture or small detail that you’ve been missing because you are too close to it. This effort will also build goodwill in the community, and if or when the temp worker goes on to the next opportunity, they’ll take with them a good story about their time at your company.

Tip 3 Pay Attention to this Workforce

Building a relationship with a temp worker in some ways is no different from anyone else. Let them know you care about them as people and not just a worker. Understand how they feel about the job and what subtle attitudes they bring to the workplace. If you treat these workers in the same way you do full-time staffers, you should pay attention to their feelings about their work. And if you can keep your finger off the pulse of employee attitudes, you’ll be more aware of when those attitudes start to go south.

Tip 4 Try to Relate to Temp Workers

Just like any employee, a temporary worker comes from a unique background with varying skills. They’ve had different career paths and life experiences, just like any workers. You’ll find temp workers taking these positions to fill in permanent career gaps due to downsizing or a layoff. It’s a good idea to talk to these workers to discover their skills and where they came from. These temp workers are a potential full-time hiring pool for your HR team. As you get to know your temp labor pool, you’ll see a few top-quality candidates standing out. That spells opportunity for your hiring team when full-time positions become available at your company. If you spot workers that are particularly skilled or that have backgrounds you can leverage, it’s a good idea to let your HR team know about these workers and the potential they hold.

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