In today’s economy, your chances of landing a job will be higher if you consider a temp position. There are more of these positions available today, and many may end up turning into permanent roles as soon as the economy picks back up. Let’s look at temp jobs and the benefits they bring, especially when the job market looks a little uncertain.

Will Your Next Job Be a Temp Job?

Global consulting firm McKinsey did a survey that found 58% of employers expect to hire additional temporary, contract, or part-time workers in the next five years. They are more likely to hire these workers over full-time employees because of the cost savings associated with this type of employment category. That makes these roles a win/win for workers seeking the flexibility of non-permanent employment.

As the economic indicator takes a downturn and all signs point to recession, employers are not expected to hire many full-time workers, with the associated overheard coming from insurance and benefits. This gives anyone seeking a competitive edge in the candidate pool an opportunity. If you are willing to take a temporary position, you will likely be elevated to the top of the applicant pool.

For candidates willing to consider alternatives to the full-time position, this adaptability is a plus for employers, but temp work can also benefit workers. For example:

  • Taking a position as a contract or temporary worker provides you with a chance to get a sense of what the company is like. You’ll learn about specific departments, culture, and the challenges the company faces. It’s a way for you to try out a job before you commit to something more permanent. Frankly, many new employees end up looking back at the start of their job with a, “if I knew then what I know now” attitude. Taking a contract or temp-to-hire position allows you to see exactly what you’re getting into and then determine whether it’s a good fit for you.
  • A non-fulltime position allows you to build skills while opening new networking doors that may lead somewhere in the future. When you take a contract role, make sure you make an effort not only to provide the employer with high-quality work but also to meet as many people as possible. You never know where networking can lead you!
  • A temp position is a backdoor to full-time hiring, especially now. We’ve seen temp positions evolve into full-time roles when the new employee makes a big impression on the team and managers in the company. We’ve even seen new positions created to fit the temporary worker who proved their value to the organization.

When so many things feel uncertain, there are still temporary positions out there in the marketplace. The benefit of considering these roles is that they keep money rolling in, but also, they give you a real chance to land something permanent down the road. Today, a contract or temp position may be the best opportunity you have to get your foot in the door of a great company. Contact IES today. We have positions that may fit your skillset available now.

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