The world is hard at work, even when you’re asleep. Almost every industry has employees earning money in the evenings while many of us are at rest. This includes everyone from factory workers to first responders. Here are some of the benefits of taking a night shift job and why it may be something for you to consider in the future. 

Benefits of Taking a 3rd Shift Gig 

Whether it’s called the graveyard, night, or 3rd shift, when a business is in production mode 24/7, the night shift usually starts between 10 pm and midnight and runs till around 8 am (at the latest). Many industries run these shifts to keep production flowing and respond to consumer demand. There are some benefits to working these early morning hours that you can’t find in the 9 to 5. They include: 

  • You’ll have a shorter commute. Heading to work when everyone else is at home is a huge benefit if you’re taking public transport or driving to your job. There will be less traffic and a shorter commute time. If you’re on the train, most of the traffic will be going in the other direction, so you’ll save some time every day. 
  • If you’re applying for a job, you’ll have less competition for open roles. This means the odds will be higher that you’ll not only get the job, but you’ll have a better shot at earning a promotion. For most people, the night shift offers opportunities that you won’t find during the daytime. 
  • You’ll earn the best pay on an overnight shift. Most companies pay more for these roles. If you can swing a few or even a full night shift schedule, the dollars will add up faster. Earning a night or weekend premium can bump up your takehome pay. 
  • The workplace will be quieter during this time. This makes it easier to be more productive because you’ll have fewer on-the-job interruptions. While you’ll experience worker camaraderie in the form of chatting and banter, generally, employees are less boisterous and more focused on their own tasks during the 3rd shift. 
  • Finally, another benefit is that you will have fewer meetings and less drama during 3rd shift. Spending less time in mandatory meetings is a good thing for everyone, plus there’s generally less bureaucracy during the overnight shifts. Fewer employees are usually working during these shifts, and there is always less of a feeling of overall crisis at night. 

For employees, 3rd shift work has some real benefits that you may want to consider. Contact IES today to find out more about these lucrative, no-drama jobs. 

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