What if you could get a good steady job that pays well and doesn’t require you to go to a four-year collegeage accrue a lot of debt? The employment market is rough right now, but the one job that always is in demand are those in the trades. Here are some of the best reasons to learn a skilled trade.  

Why Learn a Trade? 

Even though unemployment is high, there are thousands of skilled trade jobs that go unfilled because there aren’t workers to fill them. Unemployment is exceptionally high among college graduates, and many of them get out of school with debt and end up working in a field they didn’t even train for. There is an answer to all of these problems, and they lie in blue-collar skilled trades jobs.  

The skilled trades require much less education than a four-year bachelor’s degree. Traditional education has grown incredibly expensive, and few parents or young people have that kind of cash lying around, so they take out loans. When they graduate, they can’t find a job in today’s economy, and when those loans are due, it is a huge problem. Look at these statistics: 

  • In 2019 69% of college students took out student loans 
  • Graduating students had an average of almost $30,000 in debt 
  • 14% of their parents took out loans of more than $37,000 on top of that 
  • Americans own more than $1.64 trillion in student loan debt 

But the majority of skilled trade training programs last six months to two years and cost much less than a college education. Traditional education keeps you in school two or three years longer than if you study a trade. While young students are still pursuing their credentials, you can be out of school and earning more money than a lot of four-year graduates.  

On top of all this, there’s a 40% or higher dropout rate for traditional undergraduates these days. Trade schools are all over the country, and many can keep you close to home, so you don’t have the fees of lodging and food that most college students pay for. But the biggest benefit isn’t any of these things; it’s the salary you’ll make learning a skilled trade that is very compelling  

Most college students say they go to school to increase their lifetime ability to earn more income. With the economy and work world changing from a decade ago, the skilled trades offer an opportunity to potentially make more than the average college graduate—and more quickly than they will. Here are some 2020 numbers on what you could make upon coming out of a vocational school: 

  • Licensed practical nurses$25.18 per hour 
  • HVAC technicians $23.25 per hour 
  • Home inspectors$52,066 per year 
  • Plumbers$24.58 per hour 
  • Electricians$24.83 per hour 
  • Landscape designers$54,862 annually 
  • Respiratory therapists$35.13 per hour 
  • Dental hygienists$38.10 per hour 

From carpenters and plumbers to electricians and welders, if you have these skills there are jobs standing by.  

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