In the era of COVID, warehouse workers are highly in demand. These industrial athletes are the backbone of e-commerce fulfillment that keeps America running during what has been a very challenging time. What skills are necessary to land these jobs, and what do you need to excel in these positions? 

Top Skills for Warehouse Workers

Today’s shopping has moved to the online world, and it’s the warehouse worker that keeps this whole system running. The benefit of these jobs is that you don’t need extra skills for many of them, just a willingness and ability to work hard. Some of the top skills necessary to work in warehousing include: 

  • A solid understanding of the lingo and processes used in warehousing.  
  • You’re in good physical condition and can stand, walk, and move around.  
  • You should be in good health and able to stand and sit, walk, or squat throughout your shift.  
  • Manual dexterity and coordination is important in warehouse jobs. 
  • High energy and the ability to stay focused over a long period will help you in this job. 
  • You also may need to lift a certain amount of weight to do the job correctly. 
  • If you have some physical restrictions, there may be desk roles to consider in the warehousing field. If you have the right credentials, there may be a spot in HR or administration that could be right for you. 
  • You are a team player and have a positive attitude. Even if you don’t have warehousing experience, your desire to learn, work hard, and earn cash can serve you well in a warehousing job.  
  • Are you a good communicator? Can you listen as much as you talk? These are great skills to have in these jobs because there’s a lot of communication between you and managers, and you work to fulfill orders. 

In addition to these general skills, experienced warehouse workers typically bring the following to their job: 

  • Forklift experience 
  • Hand truck or pallet jack experience 
  • Packing and stocking experience 
  • Loading experience 
  • Shipping and receiving 
  • Scheduling 

Warehouse workers handle many tasks within their jobs, including shipping, receiving, and inventory organizing. You could be unloading or loading trucks or picking and packing items from inventory shelves. Warehouse workers also move and transfer items around the warehouse to make for more efficient storage. The job requires attention to detail and a desire to follow the rules for inventory tracking and shipping. 

These jobs are highly in demand these days. The Wall Street Journal wrote about the “Warehouse hiring surge defies crashing U.S. jobs market.” Despite an economy that is clearly struggling, warehouse workers are highly in demand. The shortage of workers means that warehouse jobs are paying better than in the past. Some perks and benefits make these jobs more attractive than ever before 

Today, e-commerce is growing exponentially. Retailers and logistics companies are expanding operations and need workers like you to keep things going. Contact IES about a good warehousing job today that can get you back to work.

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