You’ve heard the old saying, there is no “I” in team. No matter your job or the industry you’re in, collaboration is a critical part of the work you do. If you think of your company like a big machine, having an effective team means that all the gears in your firm’s engine are meshing and working smoothly. That’s the power of collaboration, a process that can keep your firm running smoothly, or, if you don’t have it, tear it apart. 

Promoting Team Collaboration

Collaboration is the engine of your success. One study showed that working in a collaborative team:  

  • Enabled workers to stay at their tasks 64% longer than those that weren’t collaborative 
  • Engaged workers in the success of their organization 
  • Had lower fatigue among workers 
  • Creates higher productivity 

Every manager wants these benefits, but how can you foster collaboration in your team? 

  1. Develop a mission-driven environment. Everyone wants a cause they’re working toward, so creating a mission and then making it a part of your organization will give your employers something to collaborate on. The goal of a mission is to give employees something more to work toward beyond a paycheck.  
  2. Create an expectation that collaboration is the goal. Let your team know that collaboration is the goal. Do this as soon as a new employee starts during orientation and reinforce it during evaluations and daily processes.  
  3. Define both individual and team goals but do this with your workers, not for them, to increase their buy-in in the process. Then revisit, revamp, and evaluate these goals in light of how effective the collaboration is going. Collaboration is a process that’s only as good as your constant effort to improves it. 
  4. Praise the team and highlight individual strengths within the group. This will strengthen the sense of collaboration while keeping your employees engaged. Keep in mind people have different skills; not everyone is a leader. Some people will struggle with getting along with others. It’s important to tweak these teams until it functions smoothly. This process should engage managers as they move toward getting everything working the way it should. 
  5. Create an environment of community to engage your teams in the success of the organization. 54% of employees say that a strong sense of community on the job is what keeps them there longer. You can create this environment by inviting employee participation and dialogue. This will model positive behaviors for the rest of the team. It’s a good idea to start each day with a morning huddle where everyone talks about the day’s goal and how to achieve it. This will kick off the workday in a way that feels more like everyone is rowing in the same direction. 

A recent Salesforce study showed that 86% of managers say a lack of collaboration created workforce failures. Building collaboration in your team starts with the right workers in the right seats on your bus. That’s where IES can help. If your teams are struggling, they don’t have to. We have qualified workers standing by that will add value to your teamContact us today. 

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