You can tell you’ve had a good job interview when the interview ran longer than scheduled, the interviewer’s body language cues were positive, the conversation flowed naturally, and more.   

Interviewing is a stressful process that inevitably leaves you with self-doubt. Even if you think you nailed the interview, 24-hours later (or less), you’re probably secondguessing yourself. But there are signs to watch for that will tell you during the interview how you’re doing. Here’s what you need to know about the interview and whether you nailed it—or should keep looking. 

Top Signs the Interview Went Well

While the interview may check all the boxes we’re about to cover, it’s no guarantee you’ll get the job. Why? Because even if all the signs show point toward a positive interview, there may be another candidate that did just as well (or better) and has more experience. There are no guarantees. However, if you see these signs, it means you did your absolute best during the interview process. 

  1. Check the body language of your interviewer. Nonverbal cues are particularly telling during the interview process. Does the recruiter seem very engaged and excited about what you’re sharing? Are their arms crossed (bad), or are they leaning forward in their chair (good), listening to every word? It may be hard to pick up on some of this during a virtual interview, but if you feel like you’ve connected with the interviewer, that’s a good sign 
  2. Did the interview run longer than it was scheduled? That may mean you and the interviewer really hit it off and shared some good dialogue about your experience and how it fits in the job. 
  3. How did the conversation feel? Was it awkward, or was it more of a natural back and forth between the two of you? How comfortable did it leave you feeling? If it felt less like an interrogation and more like a conversation between two old friends, that is a very good sign. 
  4. Did the interviewer dig into your answers and ask followup questions? Or, did they just run through a checklist of questions without getting more into your experiences? If they’re pressing you for more details, that’s a very good sign that they’re considering you for the role. 
  5. Finally, if they’re asking you to meet other members of the team, that’s great. They wouldn’t waste the time of their other employees if they weren’t serious about you for the position. 

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