To succeed in a warehouse job, it’s important to have communication skills, computer literacy, tech skills, learn quickly, and be dependable and flexible.      

Warehouse workers have a lot of job security these days. If you’re looking for a full-time role as an employee or manager, it’s a good industry to get into. What skills do you need to land one of these positions? We have answers that can prepare you for your next warehouse job.  

Skills You Need for Warehouse Work   

Warehouse workers need strong communication skills. There’s a lot of work to be done in this fast-paced industry. This requires strong communication skills as teams work together to move freight, unload, pack and ship, and one hundred other tasks that happen throughout your day. Hiring managers look for workers that can communicate verbally, on the phone, and in writing—and you’ll use all of these skills in your job. 

Computer skills are important, particularly if you’re looking to get into management in the warehouse field. Employers expect you to have some computer proficiency, whether it’s Microsoft Excel and Word, email, or other warehouse-specific platforms. These days everything is computerized in a warehouse environment, so having basic computer literacy and learning is critical. Whether it’s warehouse control systems, barcode platforms, safety software, automated equipment, or light-directed picking, computers are important in the warehouse world.   

Soft skills, such as working well with a team, are important in this field. You will make a much better employee if you’re a good collaborator with other members of the company. It will also mark you as an employee that could quickly move up into management if you get along with your team members. If you can interact professionally with many different people, you will do well in the warehouse field.   

How are your troubleshooting skills? If you’re a great problem-solver, you will make a great warehouse employee. Most of these jobs require you to listen, think, and follow instructions quickly, but they also require some reasoning and analysis to do the job well.    

Dependability is a skill that every employer wants in an employee. This means you show up on time and tackle the tasks that are ahead of you in your shift. You follow through to do the job well. You’re productive and can be counted on and trusted to do what you say you’ll do. Even if you make a mistake, you admit it, fix it, and keep moving forward.    

Being flexible is important in a warehouse role. There may be days when you’re shifted to help another department, particularly if you’re someone the employer can count on as dependable. How you handle the changing warehouse environment is important to your success. If you handle any changes that arise, it makes you a prime candidate for these lucrative professional roles.   

Willingness to learn is an important criterion that employers look for in the warehouse field. This is especially true if your goal is to move up the chain of command and further your career. Learning new skills while staying positive about your desire to learn new things will set you apart as a premium candidate for a role in the warehouse field.    

If you have these skills and characteristics, IES wants to speak with you. We have great warehouse jobs that pay top dollar and will give you an opportunity of a lifetime. Contact us to find out more. 

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