When was the last time you thanked your employees for everything they do for your organization? You’re probably not doing this enough, but trust us, it will make a difference in everything from employee productivity to long-term retention. We know it’s hard to stay on top of employee recognition when you are so busy. But taking the time to say thank you regularly will foster their loyalty and boost morale. Even just saying “thank you” is a low-cost way to have a big, positive impact on your company and your teams. This blog will give you some creative, fun ways to show your appreciation for the employees that keep your business moving forward.

Five Ways to Thank Your Workforce

  1. Set up a workplace “props” program. This could be a low-cost recognition program where workers can praise each other along with your positive feedback. There are dozens of low-cost programs where workers can give each other points that can be redeemed for physical rewards. You can also do an employee recognition and rewards day where managers give public shout-outs to team members who went above and beyond. You could do an employee of the month program and give out cash prizes. The goal is to publicly reward good behavior for encouraging others to do the same.


  1. Feed them. Nothing says “love,” like some food. Have a pizza party or bring in donuts. People like being taken care of in this way, and if your company is small, it won’t even cost that much to do. You would be amazed at what coffee and donuts can do to boost morale on a Monday morning or a Wednesday hump day.


  1. Express appreciation on social media. Share with the world that it’s your employee’s anniversary or that they just won employee of the month. This serves three purposes, first, to publicly thank the employee for their service. It also sets up a spirit of competitiveness; other employees will want to also be recognized in this way. Finally, it gets the attention of possible job candidates and shows them that you have a culture where your organization values hard work.


  1. In addition to rewarding and thanking individuals, you can set up a team award. The team that came up with the best innovation, or maybe the department with the longest-running clean safety slate, could be tied to the most production. No matter the situation, having a team award will help bond these groups together and make them just a little prouder of the hard work they’ve accomplished.


  1. Consider offering flex time or time off. Allowing the “winning” employee to leave early and pay them for their time would be amazing in the eyes of most of your workforce. Or, letting that employee come in two hours later on a day of their choosing could make them appreciate you. Giving employees time off to do something else besides work almost always makes them feel more loyal to your company

IES is very appreciative of all of our employees and clients that make our good work possible. We are standing by to help you meet your hiring goals. Call on us to find out how we can help.

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