Company culture has been linked to increasing employee engagement and retention, as well as greater productivity. Most candidates say culture matters to their job search. Given that the job market is very tight for employers right now, the companies that use their company culture to attract candidates stand a better chance of finding talent than those that don’t. Here are some tips for highlighting your company culture to attract more candidates to your job openings.

Culture Matters—How to Use it to Attract Talent

Today, candidates have options, and they know it. Your company needs an edge to attract top resources. That’s where culture can help. Start with your job description. Write the job description from the candidate’s perspective and make it more than list a laundry list of what you want in an employee. Today, candidates want to know what’s in it for them, including what it will be like to work for your company. So, write the job ad in a way that attracts candidates both to the job and to the great work environment you offer.

Using language that caters to the candidate shows how much you care about your employees. It tells the candidate something about your culture well before the first interview even occurs. If your culture values work/life balance, say so. Words like supportive, exciting, challenging but fun are all great for attracting candidates. That is, assuming your culture fits this language! Try to use language that reflects the culture. If the office is casual and innovative, you can let your hair down a little on the ad and make it less-than-stodgy. Just make sure the tone matches the culture.

Using your advertisements for a job can reflect the personality of the company. However, you shouldn’t use cliches or buzzwords like “guru” or “work hard/play hard” or “fast-paced environment.” Overused phrases become meaningless to a candidate trying to find the right fit. Phrases like “We are looking for a highly motivated candidate” are overused and a given. Who wants to hire a non-motivated employee?

Here are some areas to consider featuring in your culture-focused job ad:

  • If you offer remote options or even partial remote, this is a big plus.
  • Do you have an educational benefit that encourages professional growth?
  • Do your teams like to do fun events together in their off-hours?
  • Are your hours flexible, or do you offer a childcare benefit?
  • If the position is in an office, mention that you have free parking or a parking stipend if you have it.
  • Does the culture emphasize continuous improvement and have an educational benefit to ack it up?

Also, try to share how the employee’s work helps the organization’s mission or supports its values. This can make the candidate recognize that they will be more than just a cog in the wheel and instead, a valued part of achieving something greater than themselves.

All of these things can attract more talent to your doorstep and emphasize cultural traits that make your workplace better than your competitors.

Generally, write the ad from the perspective of the candidate, and what would matter to them? Highlight the things that make your employees stick around. Go beyond a summary of the perks of the job and instead describe what matters to your workforce.

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