People define career success in different ways. Generally, given the amount of time we spend working, we can assume that most people want to feel like they’re contributing something on the job. But how can you ensure that you’ll reach your definition of success in your career? We have some tips that will help.

How to Find Career Success

#1 Select the job that makes you happy.

Set yourself up for success by starting with the job itself. Does this job inspire some interest and passion? Is it a role where you feel like you stay for a few years? Does the job match your goals, interests, and skills? All of these questions will guide you toward a more fulfilling job and ultimately a more successful career path.

#2 Listen to yourself first.

Be true to yourself. You may receive some bad advice along the way. That could include putting up with a job you hate because the money is good. Or trying to make a career in a field because someone you know said they enjoy the work. The point is that your career choices are up to you and no one else.

#3 Know what success means to you.

Define your own success. Is it money? Is it the sense that you’ve done a good job on a project that helps people? Maybe it’s having a work/life balance. Whatever it is, define what you think success is and then work to achieve it in your career.

#4 Ask for help—and take it.

A successful career also stems from knowing when to ask for help when you need it. You can’t have a great career without the help of coworkers, mentors, and colleagues. You’ll need to learn delegation and to humble yourself to take the help that’s out there.

#5 Lighten up and own your mistakes.

Mistakes are the reality of life. Beating yourself up over an inevitable mistake is a good way to turn your good career into drudgery. Your instincts may be to berate yourself or run away from the mistake. Admitting the error, learning from it, and moving on is a good way to embrace your path toward career success.

#6 Take care of and support yourself.

You should be your biggest fan. Be positive and revel in your successes more than your mistakes. Instead of waiting for praise from a boss that may never come, consider patting your own back for a change.

#7 Recognize that you are not stuck.

Ultimately, the best way toward a successful career is to recognize that you may need to find one. You are not stuck in your job. You can change. Particularly now when there are so many jobs out there just waiting for you. Change is scary but sometimes necessary. If you’re in a job that doesn’t feel like your professional home, contact IES Custom Staffing. We can help you explore your options

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