You spend about 40-hours a week or more interacting with coworkers in one form or another. Doesn’t it make sense that you’d want to get along with them? Strife in the workplace can make going to work a chore, but you can follow these tips to get along with anyone you see on the job.

Build Better Relationships with Your Coworkers

The best relationships start with respect. While you don’t have to be best friends with your coworkers, you should base all your relationships on mutual respect. But what does this mean? Treating coworkers with respect means you don’t do anything that would seem offensive to these colleagues. This could include cleaning up after yourself in the breakroom. It could also mean you don’t talk behind someone’s back to other coworkers. Even showing up on time for your shift is important because it means someone else won’t have to carry your workload until you get there. These actions all form the basics of mutual respect.

Since we mentioned it, malicious gossip or talking behind someone’s back, it not a good way to build better relationships at work. Sharing rumors or discussing individual details will only cause harm. Don’t be that person.

You should also avoid oversharing or bringing up personal things that could make your coworkers cringe. Don’t become so comfortable that you bring up untoward details of your life that should be off-limits at work. This can create awkwardness and make your coworkers uncomfortable. Politics and religion are two topics that have a place and the dinner table, perhaps, but not with your colleagues at work.

Find a way to get along with everyone. This means you’ll take extra care to even get along with the most annoying coworker you can think of. How do you do this? Have you heard the phrase, “Kill them with kindness?” Practicing good manners with everyone on the team will ease the way for better cooperation between all of your coworkers—even the ones that are the most difficult.

Give back to your team. Consider being helpful to all of your coworkers as a way to build respect and get along with everyone. If someone is struggling, bring them some cookies. Try bringing donuts to your team one morning. Or offer to help when someone seems overloaded. All of these gestures are a good way to build stronger relationships with your team.

Sometimes work isn’t a fit. When that happens, your best efforts to make for comfortable, productive work relationships don’t seem to work. When that happens, it could mean that it makes more sense for you to walk away. A fresh start means you have an opportunity to establish relationships with your coworkers and employer in a brand-new environment. If you feel like your existing job is a no-go, perhaps IES Custom Staffing can help. Contact us to explore your career options.

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