You’re in good company. In any given year, there are more than 16-million temporary workers in the United States. Most of them want to be more than a temporary worker and instead get noticed by the employer as a potential full-time hire. How can you make a great impression on a temp assignment? We have tips that can help.

How to Get Noticed on Your Temp Job

If you’re working with a firm like IES Staffing, getting hired is easy. But if you want to get noticed by the employer, the rest is up to you. For the newly hired temporary worker, you can do a few things from day one to get noticed by your team. For example:

  • Your attitude will set you apart. Positive thinking and a positive approach to the assignment will help make you stand out as a great person to work with. This perception of your positivity will make your manager and the employer stand up and take notice of your skills and work ethic. It can also ease your way on the assignment and mark you as a desirable person to work with for everyone on the team.
  • Don’t just do the minimum. We know it’s “just a temp job,” but if you’re trying to get hiring into the company as a full-time worker, going above and beyond the minimum will get you noticed. Take initiative. Volunteer to help out your coworkers. Share ideas to improve the team’s efficiency. Get to the job early and offer to stay late if you can.
  • Interact with your coworkers. While this doesn’t mean spreading gossip, it does mean getting to know your coworkers, managers, and team members. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, ask questions, and make the effort to get to know everyone. This really will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn as much as you can. We know the job may end, but you can stand out by learning as much as you can while you are there. Let your natural curiosity about the job and the company make you a stand out employee. What are the company goals and values and do they fit with yours? Who does your manager report to? What is the company structure? If you’re shadowing someone, get to know them. After all, you never know where this job and your new connections there may take you. Take an interest in your surroundings and stand out by caring enough about your job to find out more.

Temp jobs are great for giving you the flexibility you need to juggle all the demands of your busy life. But the best temp jobs can lead to something more permanent if that’s what you’re looking for. IES Staffing works with temporary and full-time workers to help them find the right work environment to meet their goals. Together, we can keep your career moving forward by placing you in a solid temp or temp-to-hire position. How can we help you today? Contact us to find out more.

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