Retention of your existing employees is going to be the big issue in 2022. Why? In addition to the more than four million workers who switched jobs last year, another 23% of the American workforce say they’re planning on job jumping in the New Year. Why are they quitting? A new poll shows most are looking for a better work environment and better pay and benefits.

Now are you starting to understand why employee retention is so important? There are currently about 11 million jobs to choose from. How can you make your company an attractive career path for your best employees?

Best Employer Strategies to Retain the Best Workers

Retaining your workforce starts with your new hire. Establishing a positive employee onboarding experience along with an effective orientation, will help set the groundwork for a long career path with your company. Set your new hires up for success by giving them the training they need to succeed. Set up pathways where they feel like they’re being heard by their managers. Then provide them with a mentor to help them navigate their new job.

Also, keep in mind you’re competing with just about everyone these days. Offering a robust compensation package, signing bonus, and benefits will help you land a better caliber of talent. However, make sure you’re not neglecting your existing employees. Imagine having worked at your company for a few years and then reading online that there’s a signing bonus for new hires—but nothing for the good team that’s been your backbone.

Employees today are looking for perks and compensation, but they also want a positive work environment where safety is paramount. They also want work/life balance. Since many employees leave because of a bad relationship with their manager, also consider offering these supervisors some training to help them improve how they interact with your teams. Help them work on their communication skills and put time into teaching them how to be leaders.

Look at your workforce on the whole, as well. Are you offering them educational opportunities that will help them move up the ladder in their careers with you? What kind of credentialing and training do you pay for? These are perks that will pay for themselves in increased loyalty as well as stronger skills.

Now, consider hiring from within more. When was the last time you assessed your current workforce and considered moving someone into a new role? We highly recommend this as a long-term retention strategy. Upskilling your workforce will keep them fresh and engaged. Then, if you partner with a staffing firm like IES, we can work on filling any gaps left by the newly promoted workforce.

We know that employee retention takes a lot of thought and planning. We also know how critical it will be in 2022 to the success of your business. But if your HR team is busy trying to hire new talent, they may be too overwhelmed to take on employee retention. Consider a partnership with IES. We can handle your new hire needs, freeing up your existing teams to focus on what matters most—your current employees. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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